Coming Clean

So, I haven’t been 100% honest about my intentions with this blog. True, I am quite interested in diving head first back into this wonderful, lightsabre filled playground, but there is another big reason for starting this here travel log that I have been sitting on until I could state it officially: I wrote a memoir about the profound force (ha!) Star Wars had on my life growing up and now it’s going to be published.

Chewbacca and Me: Tales of a Star Wars Fanboy got the green light and over the next couple of months will receive the better part of my waking attention. I certainly plan on keeping up with my little blog-project as well, but now you can expect to see the occasional post about the state of the book. For now the details are few, the task at hand is all consuming and S-Foils are locked into attack position (read that as: I’m ready to go!). Thanks to all of you who have been so helpful (emotionally, grammatically, and alcoholically) along the way so far. It’s been a hell of an almost two years since I started this project and it will be a hell of a journey to the bookshelf.

Cloud City or Bust!





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