My friends knit me Star Wars hats

So really i should have posted this weeks ago. I don’t know why I didn’t, I mean I took pictures and everything…My friend Thea made me this. She’s incredibly talented and knowing that she’s big in to knitting I asked her, on a whim, to make me a Star Wars sweater.

“Hey, Thea, you shoudl really knit me an awful, Star Wars Christmas sweater,” I said, half joking. She responded with a hate-filled:


Apparently she had this hat in the works already. She was under the impression that since I had asked for a sweater I would not appreciate the hat she was already planning. In fact, her exact words were “I’ll give you a hat, then you’ll think that I was too lazy to make you a whole sweater.” I told her she was crazy, but that’s totally what I would have done.

Not only is it super cool (like awesome) but it’s also super warm (like temperature).

Some people have confused what is obviously standard issue head gear for Imperial Stormtroopers with skulls or ghosts with tits, but those people are idiots!


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