Boba Fett, new title and some other informative crap

So I’m really bad at this. Like, really bad. So bad that I’ve probably opened a previous post by discussing just how bad I am at posting frequently. Like I said: really, really bad at this blogging business.

Since our last chat (I assume you all read this out loud and have conversations with yourself as if I were right there with you) I went to San Francisco and came back. While there I did a couple of Mortified shows and did not find the Skywalker Ranch. But I did get my picture taken in front of what, at the time, I assumed WAS the Skywalker Ranch. And by in front of I mean from a short distance away from it up on a hill with it in the background. Observe:

Okay, so I can’t find the picture. I’ll show you later. Remind me (remember? It’s supposed to be like we’re talking!)

Anyway…the book. The book is done. D. U. N! It’s due out mid-September, which seems both an eternity and not nearly far enough away. It’s hard to know whether or not all my ducks are in a row here because I don’t know what those ducks or the row they should be standing in looks like. I can’t even say the hard part’s done because it’s all very relative. Yes, writing is difficult, but I spent roughly two years on it. Compare that to, say, the few weeks I have to find people interested in writing endorsements, or planning out how to get the word about the book out there…that shit’s HARD. Even if I had another two years for that stuff I’d still feel like it wasn’t enough time. It’s a hell of an education. Next time around I’ll have just shy of no clue about how to do things.

The book also has a new title. After a bizarre series of events I’ll discuss at a later time the book was renamed, finally and officially, My Best Friend is a Wookiee: One Boy’s Journey to Find His Place in the Galaxy. It’s coming out in hardcover so that it looks extra super important!

I’ve also been busy reading the Boba Fett Omnibus. Boba’s a fun character to play with because, at his best, he’s a tight lipped bad ass who everyone else acts around. He’s really only got two modes: bad ass or oops, I’m getting eaten accidentally by the Sarlacc. He’s pretty much always a bad ass (so far, at least) and seeing characters react before he even shows up can be fun. Personally I enjoyed getting a better sense of who some of SW’s more over-looked bounty hunters really are. Zuckuss and 4-LOM really shine in The Yavin Vassilika. But so far the  best character moment has come from Boba Fett himself. In Twin Engines of Destruction. When Dengar makes a comment about Fett always hiding his face because of all the scarring he got from the Sarlacc Fett responds with “This IS my face.” It’s a particularly bold statement for the character. We get no real background of the man in these comics and absolutely none from the original trilogy, yet he’s a wildly popular character. Does seeing him as a boy in Episode II and knowing about his past really fill any sort of need fans may have had? I doubt it. I can’t speak for his younger self coming back into play with The Clone Wars this season, but regardless of what revelations they may come up with for him, Boba Fett will always be Boba Fett, aka, the dude in the green armor who caught Han Solo. That’s enough for me, personally, that and the mystique that follows him wherever he goes. What do I want out of a Boba Fett story? Ass kicking. Anything else I can take or leave, so long as he does in fact kick some ass. And he usually does.


One response to “Boba Fett, new title and some other informative crap

  1. I can’t wait for your book to come out, dude!

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