This Year In Films-April

4/7/2010-“Star Wars–Episode IV: A New Hope” Directed by George Lucas (1977)

4/8/2010-“North” Directed by Rob Reiner (1994)

4/8/2010-“Big Trouble in Little China” Directed by John carpenter (1986)

4/13/2010-“Clash of the Titans” Directed by Louis Leterrier (2010)

4/15/2010-“Houseguest” Directed by Randall Miller (19950

4/19/2010-“The Dark Knight” Directed by Christopher Nolan (2008)

4/21/2010-“Fantastic Mr. Fox” Directed by Wes Anderson (2009)

4/23/2010-“The City of Lost Children” Directed by Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet (1995)

4/26/2010-“Up” Directed by Pete Docter (2009)

4/27/2010-“Date Night” Directed by Shawn Levy (2010)

4/28/2010-“The Lovely Bones” Directed by Peter Jackson (2009)

April Total–11

2010 Total–43


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