Just checking in…

So as always here in blogland I set myself up to do something only to completely not do it at as soon as it starts. I have been severely neglecting my experiment with sitting Sondra down with the saga and it wasn’t until seeing this review that I actually felt bad about it. To be fair, I’ve been busy. Also, we did watch all of the movies and her reactions to them were at times surprising but on the whole what I was hoping for. I even surprised myself at one point. I’ll get to all that soon(ish). I haven’t forgotten about you, The Girlfriend Experience, I’ve just been busy running around. I’m actually hoping to maybe have part II up within the week. Stay tuned!

As for all of this running around, it’s been exhausting. The book tour is on its back half, with stops in Brooklyn, Philly and a return to UMass Dartmouth lined up. I’m also doing a Mortified show in Cambridge the first weekend of November, which, if you’ve never been, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Tickets tend to go fast, so you best act fast!

In other news, I decided to try my hand at NaNoWriMo, which is probably the dumbest thing I could do right now. Why my knee jerk response to being busy is to throw more shit on my plate is beyond me, but for those of you who don’t know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It happens every November and basically you sign up and from November 1-30 try to hit 50,000 words. The cool thing is it’s all about quantity, not quality. I’m basically approaching this as an excuse to get one big idea I’ve been mulling over onto paper then, when I have some real time to give to it, see if there’s anything there worth more than a month’s time. We’ll see…

So anyway, expect the next installment of The Girlfriend Experience soon. And as always, check in on wookiee.adamsmedia.com every once in a while for My Best Friend is a Wookiee updates. I hope you’re enjoying the book, folks who are reading it!




2 responses to “Just checking in…

  1. What’s up, Tony? I was in Prof. Blitefield’s class when you did your reading last week. Good stuff! I just purchased the memoir, and I’m looking forward to reading it. I take pride in my withdrawn cynicism, but your story inspired me enough to seek out your blog and send some positive vibes your way–I’ll go back to being a cynic tomorrow.

    The book snippets were fantastic–especially for me. I’m not really into Star Wars like that, but I’m a vet when it comes to “geek” culture (Hopeless comic fanboy). I’ll probably end up reviewing your memoir for my own blog–the two people that read the entry might score you some more sales, heh.

    Take care.

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