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Videography Final Project–Voodoo Lady

Hello, gang. Long time no see. After a lot of soul searching I made the call and went back to school. As of the beginning of the year I’ve been enrolled in RISD’s Digital Video Production continuing education program. This video is my first video. Please enjoy, share your thoughts, and stick around for more videos in the near future. And explanations.
I feel like I have a lot of explaining to do. I always feel that way…
Shut up, Tony, let them watch the movie!
Fine! Enjoy, folks.

I sense I presence I’ve not felt since…

After not saying peep here for nearly a year it’s nice to know that Jeri Ryan’s breasts have been keeping me relevant…okay, fine, they’ve been keeping this blog afloat. Happy internet?!

Top searches while I’ve been away:
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I play third banana to “startrek voyager nude fakes.”

Movies on the Block: My favorite thing about living in Providence

This is easily one of the coolest things ever. Every Thursday night, every summer, a great movie is played downtown FOR FREE! For folks who live in and around Providence this isn’t really news (though to some it might be and for that, you’re welcome) but honestly i just want to gush about it. Movies on the Block holds a special place in my heart, which will become pretty obvious once my book comes out and you all get a chance to read it.

There are two kinds of ways that I love to watch a movie. One is in total silence in a dark, totally decked out movie theater. Nice seats, awesome sound and perfect picture. This is a scenario where the slightest peep makes blood vessels pop in my eyes and the thought of punching a little kid who dares to ask “What’s happening?” in the first five minutes isn’t that outlandish. The second way is surrounded by people who clearly love movies, especially the one that’s playing, regardless of the setting. Movies on the Block gives me that. People are their because there’s something extra magical about a movie under the stars. They’re also there because they know the movie inside and out. You can feel the energy when you see a classic with a bunch of people who have loved it for years and regardless of all the chatter, traffic noise and the uncomfortable wooden benches, you feel like you’re experiencing something special.

This is Movies on the Block’s third week this season and sadly I haven’t seen one yet. It’s rained every Thursday so far, and the movies (King Kong–1939 and The Hudsucker Proxy) have been delayed to the following evening which, for one reason or another, I’ve been otherwise occupied on. Tonight they;re showing The Maltese Falcon, one of four movies this season I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t seen. Here’s hoping the rain holds off. Maybe I’ll see some of you there.

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Star Wars Facebook Updates

This is amazing…

5 Star Wars Status Updates on CollegeHumor

Stah Wars Cahds

Allow me to set a scene here:

It was a little after noon on a Wednesday in August. Rich (my roommate) and I were sitting at the kitchen table in our pajamas or whatever clothes we had fallen asleep in the night before and our combined hours of having been awake that day were probably two, at best. Rich was working under the white glow of a fluorescent lamp, meticulously painting Warhammer 40,000 game pieces. I was focused on putting together a Magic: The Gathering deck. I believe it was green/white and hinged on getting one of my two Planeswalkers into play early on.

“You know,” Rich started, “If twelve-year-old me could see me now he’d be thinking, ‘I bet his girlfriend’s in the other room.'”

“Yeah, well if twelve-year-old me could see me now he’s probably think, ‘Well, I don’t see a wedding ring. Looks like I haven’t been laid yet.'”

The truth of the matter is twelve-year-old Tony would want to know why I say playing Magic instead of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game. I good question indeed.

The Star Wars game, henceforth known as SW:CCG, was an obsession of mine. For three years it consumed my life in a way that only something Star Wars related can. It got to the point where I would dream about getting certain cards in a pack and when I would tell that to my few friends, who also collected the cards, even they would say “Damn, dude, you need to cut it back.”

Eventually we all cut it back. We sort of out grew the game, which was easy to do because it was mind-numbingly hard to play and aside from collecting, which became increasingly expensive, there was no real purpose to shelling over cash for cards. But when we were all at out peaks, when we never went anywhere without our Light and Dark Side decks, it was a hell of a lot of fun, even if we never actually knew how to play the game correctly.

This brings me back to Magic and Warhammer. This past summer my apartment saw a resurgence in the nerdy games we played as kids. I never touched Magic before this past July, and now there are stacks of cards all over the place. It got me thinking about all the hours–and dollars–spent on the SW:CCG. My only memory of it was that it was confusing and that one fateful week I got two–count ’em two!–Darth Vader cards in two consecutive packs.

So, in keeping with my mission to re-explore the galaxy, I plan to go back and see if, with the help of my gaming accomplices and an older if not necessarily more matured brain, I can wrap my head around this little slice of fanboy nostalgia. I dug out all the cards from my parents’ attic and just got my introductory, starter set off eBay. The plan, after getting a handle on the game in it’s most simplified terms, is to build a deck from scratch using only the Premiere set of cards. After that I will go through the expansions one at a time, adding cards and relearning the game’s once-ever expanding rulebook. If I fail, well then at least I have a couple thousand cool looking book marks.