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Star Wars in Concert

The traveling Star Wars concert graced our diminutive state last Wednesday night and in doing so not only re-affirmed the emotional link I have to the the sights and sounds of these films. I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I admit that when the orchestra broke into the Main Theme I broke into tears. I can’t say I was surprised, but the degree to which I was moved immediately once the music started was a bit unexpected. Luckily I got it all out of my system early and sat, transfixed and with a giant, fanboy grin smeared across my stubbly mug, as the rest of the show unfolded.

And what a show it was. Having watched the trailer on the show’s website I had a general idea of what I was in store for, but to actually be there was something else entirely. The spectacle was equal parts planetarium laser show and arena rock inter-cut with narrative exposition by none other than Anthony friggin’ Daniels himself. The man behind C3P0 guided the audience chronologically through the Star Wars saga while a video montage played behind corresponding pieces from John Williams’ music, all serving as a cliff notes version of Episodes I through VI. It was neat to look at the films–or rather listen to them, I guess–as pieces of music with visual aids. Despite the power a lot of the music has, not to mention how ingrained in our pop consciousness it is, lots of it falls between the cracks either because it doesn’t have/need the same punch as say the asteroid chase music or because you won’t hear a complete piece in the film. To be perfectly honest, it would have been just as awesome a show without the video going on behind the performers because the music does conjure up such vivid images on its own. All in all, a must for anyone who would still be in a position to see it (not sure where the tour is now or how much longer it’s going).

In addition to the performance, some props, costumes and concept art were on display out in the lobby. Most of it was from the prequels, with the exception of a few blasters, helmets and one particular carbon-frozen smuggler.