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General Nerdery

I’ve been balls deep in Star Wars stuff for the last few months. Actually that’s a statement that could be made about most of my life, but the last few months have seen a particularly strong resurgence in the Force around these parts. It’s hard not to feel like I’m eleven years old all over again in spite of having a driver’s license, beard, job, bills and lack of a bed time. It’s fun. It’s very time consuming, but what else would I be doing with my time? Probably just playing video games, which I would have been doing thirteen years ago too if not for the copious amounts of Star Wars cards we were playing. Speaking of video games, I do plan on writing something up about Brutal Legend as soon as I finish it. Though flawed, it’s the most fun I’ve had with a game in ages, plus there’s a flimsy-at-best Star Wars connection, so it merits a write up.

My roommate and I have so far managed to grind through one and a half games of the Star Wars card game. The first one ended mid-game because I had to go to work and after almost two hours there was no end in sight. You could even argue that after that long there was no beginning in sight. That first half a game was a slow process of stutter stepping through gameplay phases in an attempt to crack the often confusing rules. By the end of the two hours we felt like we had a decent idea and when we started over a couple of days later we managed to see it through to the end. We haven’t played since, however, because neither of us have had the two-plus hours to dedicate to throwing down again. But hopefully that’ll happen again soon.

While we’re on the subject, last month I scored a sweet find at my old comic shop back home in Massachusetts, Harrison’s in Salem. I was home for my sister’s wedding, so of course going to the comic shop was my first order of business. Since I have as of recently found myself playing Magic: The Gathering I figured I’d grab a couple of booster packs and guess what I found sitting in the display case…

Yes sir, the LAST packs of the Star Wars: CCG in the shop! And not only were they the last they had, but they happened to be from each of the playsets I was heavily invested in! Did I get anything good? How the hell do I know!? The rules for each set became additionally complicated so who knows, maybe I got some bad ass interrupts, but for the most part I think I got junk. The two cool cards I did get were both things I already had: Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber and a rare Star Destroyer. But still, the nostalgia factor kept it from being a total bust.

Currently I’m reading through volume two of the Legacy series. After that I think I’ll have depleted my new Star Wars stuff, so a trip to the library for some of the novels I missed during my ten year hiatus from the Expanded Universe might be in order. In non-Star Wars-but-geeky-none-the-less news I’ve started to read through a steampunk anthology called, fittingly enough, Steampunk. It’s a genre I’ve always enjoyed from afar, basically only understanding the idea of it but having never read much of it aside from the works of China Mieville which could be lumped in with steampunk amongst other things. I feel like it’s a type of sci-fi that is free of the shackles of scientific explanation because a lot of the times the science involved could never work now, nevermind a hundred and fifty years ago. It’s an entirely refreshing setting for science fiction, especially for me since I have always held Star Wars to be the gold standard for science fiction (solely a personal opinion and one that, yes, I understand is very narrow minded in the grand scheme of all things sci-fi). There is a lot of genre fiction out there that I have completely passed over and just as I’m bringing myself up to speed on Star Wars, I think it’s high time I played catch up with other brands of nerdery as well.

And in case you ever wanted to know what a steampunked version of Star Wars would look like, here you go: Sillof’s Workshop

Star Wars Legacy–Broken

When Dark Horse’s Star Wars Legacy started up I had the same feeling I had about Batman Beyond when it premiered: How can the story of a younger, edgier Jedi/Batman set in the near future/marginally less distant past be anything but a bad idea. Lucky for me Batman Beyond, as goofy an idea as it was, worked brilliantly. Had it been a tremendous failure I probably would have put of Legacy even longer than I already have.

The premise is, on the surface, a simple one: The New Republic that Luke, Leia and all the classic trilogy heroes forged from the ashes of the Galactic Civil War has fallen. This allows for some new Sith and Imperial remnants to regain power in the galaxy and leaves Cade Skywalker, decendant of Luke, to undoubtedly become the “last hope” for the galaxy.

At first this sounds a bit too much like what the original trilogy was all about, right down to the roles played by Sith, Empire and Skywalker, but there are some interesting twists. Take for instance that Cade, a ruthless bounty hunter, was a gifted Jedi healer in his youth but has turned his back on the Force and his family legacy after he taps into the Dark Side to bring his slain master back from the dead. Turned his back isn’t enough. He’s straight up cut himself off from the Force, even going as far as to maintain an (un)healthy Death Stick habit to keep himself out of touch from both the Force and the frequent ghostly visits of a now dead Luke Skywalker.

Cade’s renouncement of the Force and day job as a gun-for-hire isn’t nearly as interesting as the New Empire and Sith agents. Darth Krayt has assembled a small group of Sith Lords, completely ignoring the long held Sith Rule of Two, something that has greatly upset the spirits of his Sith fore-bearers. He is also a very vulnerable villain, having been afflicted by some sort of corruption or disease that has him in a weakened state when behind closed doors and gives him reason to want to hunt down this story’s particular Young Skywalker.

The Empire, though aided in regaining power by the Sith, doesn’t trust them, which is wise given Krayt’s immediate assumption of power once the Republic and Jedi are defeated. This is an Empire that employed the service of elite soldiers who appear to be neither Jedi or Sith but are no less skilled in their ways. They even appear willing to work alongside Jedi to get to a mutaually sought end–the destruction of the Sith.

Broken, like any opening act, serves to set up the pieces. We learn who Cade was, is and why he’s chosen his life. We get a glimpse of two powerful evils once united now gathering arms against one another. What I had expected to be the same ol’ galaxy in more of the same ol’ turmoil is actually fresh. While I always liked the Tales of the Jedi stories because of their distance from the events and characters of the films, this is a surprisingly interesting spin on the Skywalker legacy. So long as Han’s ghost doesn’t show up to coach Cade on hyperdrive motivator maintenance I think I’ll be reading this one for a while.